About Us

We want to make Shataf aqua spray a common thing in bathrooms everywhere around UK, and a subject that people can talk about openly. We want you to be able to share your buying experience here with friends and family without being embarrassed about it. Our greatest selling channel is word of mouth so we love it when our customers share their experience with others.

I wanted to share some of my experience with you all, as I was growing up, one of the teachings in Islam was cleanliness, and cleaning ones self after using the toilet (Istinja), it was when I first tried to use a toilet outside of my house, which was in school, the first thing I noticed, there was no Bodna or shataf? to clean up after, I ended up not using the toilet and waited till I got home to use the bathroom.

I know there’s a lot of my friends who can related to this, it was from then on I used to carry an empty water bottle in my bag, and whenever I needed to use the toilet I took my water bottle with me to fill up with water and to clean up after using the toilet, this was my improvised shataf :o)

I also learned it was the norm for majority of households in the UK they didn’t use a shataf to clean up after using the toilet and just used the toilet paper alone to clean them self.

Discussing with friends from school who didn’t use the shataf in their house, it was a strange concept for them to see us using this after using the toilet, they understood the reasons why we were using it and the benefits it brings and the positive environmental it was having

I decided to set up the Shataf Aqua Spray project – https://shataf.co.uk and launched series of products what was easy to install and plumb in to any UK water systems, I introduced various quality designs that was contemporary to traditional in designs, giving our customer a wide choice so it is in keeping and blends in with any bathrooms in the UK. Please feel free to explore our extensive ranges and we look forward to hearing your feedbacks on the Shataf Aqua spray kit